Dr. Alfonso López Viñegla is professor of theAccounting and Finances Department of the Economics Faculty of Zaragoza University since 1990. He also carries out their educational activities in others institutions like:

Instituto de Empresa

Universidad Nacional de Educación a distancia

Their educational activity has been centered in subjects related with the financial accounting, Administration and the Accounting Information systems. Also, he has participated and he participates in numerous Seminars, Courses of Graduate degree and MBA:

- M.B.A. in International Accounting (University of Zaragoza)
- M.B.A. Management Accounting. University of Valencia - Ford Spain
- M.B.A. in Financial Direction. ESEE, Valencia
- Graduate degree in Insurance Companies. University of Zaragoza
- Graduate degree in accounting and financial Direction. University of Zaragoza
- Graduate degree in Specialization in Financial Office and Administration of Patrimonies. University of Zaragoza
- Graduate degree in Direction and Administration of Cooperative and Pymes. University of Santiago of Compostela

Their investigating activity is centered in the following areas:

- Management accounting and Information systems
- Administration tools and administration control: square of control (Cuadro de mando - Tableau de bord)
- New technologies of the information, Internet, Intranet, Groupware, Workflow, WWW